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Understanding the Impacts of AI on Content Marketing


Understanding the Impacts of AI on Content Marketing
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Understanding the Impacts of AI on Content Marketing

Vantage Updated Updated Tue, 11 July 2023 03:40
Understanding the Impacts of AI on Content Marketing
Ai content marketing

What is AI for Content Marketers 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic that everyone is talking about due to the numerous tasks it can perform, improving the quality of life for us humans. 

The introduction of AI can now assist us with daily tasks, such as helping us parallel park to avoid the judgemental stares of onlookers or at work when we need an oddly specific image featuring a horse on the Moon. 

In marketing, content marketing refers to the marketing efforts such as content created and shared, intending to attract and retain a predetermined target audience. As AI technology becomes more prevalent, it has also altered how content marketing is practised. 

This article will highlight the impacts of AI content marketing as well as how you can use AI-based content creation and AI content marketing tools to boost your brand or business. 

What is AI-Based Content Creation 

AI-based content creation involves using AI marketing tools that utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) technologies to generate or assist in creating content such as text, images, videos or audio. AI marketing tools can create social media copies, product descriptions, and even longer forms of content, including blog posts and marketing emails.  

Changes for content marketers 

The utilisation of AI provides new opportunities for creating and distributing content to its intended audience. 

Here are some ways AI has changed the content marketing landscape.  

  • Advanced Analytics 

A large amount of content marketing efforts comes from analysing data to develop optimised strategies to increase the efficacy of content marketing. Going through such large amounts of data through human efforts can be time-consuming. AI-based analytic tools can help by quickly analysing extensive data sets from various sources, such as website traffic, social media engagement, and customer behaviour, providing valuable insights and identifying trends that can inform content marketing strategies. 

  • Improved efficiency 

As with all repetitive tasks, content marketing, such as market research and data analysis, can be a chore to carry out but with AI-assisted automation, a lot of time can be saved and used to focus more on strategy and planning. For example, instead of scouring the web to look for leaders in the finance industry, you can simply ask ChatGPT to list them. Do take note that certain AI tools like ChatGPT may not have the latest information available. Remember to check if the AI tool you are utilising is updated.

ai in content marketing

  • Personalisation 

In this fast-paced technological age, content is being created and consumed rapidly. How, then, can you create content that stands out? This is where AI comes in. Not only can AI tools comb through and analyse customer data, but they are also able to suggest and create more personalised content that resonates with the target audience based on the data. 

4 Advantages of Using AI in Content Marketing 

  1. Enhanced creativity 

Coming up with new ideas can be tough, and it is not uncommon to experience  creative blocks when brainstorming the next big idea that will revolutionise the marketing world. To assist in your creative process, AI tools can generate new ideas and provide inspiration through data analysis and pattern identification, suggesting new styles, formats and topics that might not have occurred to you.  

content marketing and ai

  1. Improved SEO 

After creating an impactful piece of content, the next step would be to optimise it to reach a wider audience. Aside from generating and creating content, AI tools can also assist in improving SEO through organic traffic growth and content scoring, enabling your content to rank better in search engines. 

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  1. Better market targeting 

When choosing a market segment to target during strategy planning, the amount of data can be overwhelming. AI tools can help to analyse all that data and generate insights alongside content that might work for a new segment or target audience that you are unfamiliar with. They can also provide market trends, narrowing down the type of content you should create to capture your target audience’s attention.  

  1. Can assist with repurposing content 

To ensure your content reaches its intended audience, it is vital that you adapt the format of your content to suit the platform it will be posted on. For example, a long wordy caption may be well-received on Facebook but overlooked on Instagram. AI can help to repurpose your content so that you can publish it on multiple platforms without having to change it on your own.  

Considerations of Using AI in Content Marketing and its Downsides 

As shown above, there are many upsides to using AI in content marketing. However, there are also a few factors to consider before you begin to use AI tools, particularly because the consumption patterns of consumers could also change. 

  1. Transparency 

One of the important things to take note of when using AI in content marketing is the use of data. While AI tools can assist with thorough data analysis, this requires accessing customer data and preferences. It is crucial to refrain from breaching the privacy of your customers, letting them be aware that their data is being collected and used for the purpose of marketing. 

  1. AI bias 

Despite artificial intelligence being a machine with no emotions, it is still possible for your AI tool to be biased. This is called a machine learning bias. As the AI tools generate content from the data they analyse, there is a chance for them to analyse current data on the internet that are discriminatory in nature, which in turn could reinforce discriminatory behaviour. 

  1. Incomplete or false information 

As all of us may be aware, just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean that it is true. The same rule applies as above. The AI tools used for content marketing could possibly analyse incomplete or false online information. Remember to fact-check your content before publishing it.  

  1. Adding in a human touch  

While it is true that AI can come up with many solutions, they may not necessarily be original. It is essential to still have a human touch and perspective when it comes to the content used for marketing. When it comes to content marketing, one good thing to remember is to focus on your customers’ needs instead of the tools used.  

AI Tools for Content Marketing 

Ready to give AI tools a go? Here are some AI tools you can try for free. 

AI Tool Type of Tool Features 
Grammarly Writing Tool Grammar and spelling checking Style and tone analysis Plagiarism checking Vocabulary enhancement Writing goals and insights 
Write Sonic Writing Tool Content creation AI-powered copywriting Content optimisation Language translation Idea generation 
Wordtune Writing Tool Rewriting Reframing Word choice Tone and style Multi-platform integration 
Jasper.AI Customer service automation Chatbot creation Natural language processing (NLP) Omnichannel support Analytics and reporting Personalization 
Semrush Digital Marketing Tool Keyword research Competitor analysis Site audit Backlink analysis Advertising analysis Social media analysis 
MarketMuse Content Optimisation Content analysis Topic modelling Content creation Content optimisation Performance tracking 
Clearscope Content Optimisation Content analysis Keyword research Content creation Content optimisation Performance tracking 

 Check out this article for a more extensive list of AI tools to use in marketing. 

How You Can Use AI in Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a crucial key in building brand awareness and revolves around providing potential customers with educational, valuable and entertaining information as compared to promoting a product or service. The article below will demonstrate how AI content creation can be used to benefit content marketing.  

  • Link to what are the AI tools that can be used  

Blog or Article 

Blogs are a cost-effective way to connect and build relationships with your audience as it provides value and encourages engagement. AI can be used in blog writing through: 

  • Using data analysis tools to identify the demographics, interests, and behaviour patterns of your target audience.  

  • Generating blog topic ideas with tools such as Google Trends and BuzzSumo.  

  • Creating engaging and original content using tools which operate on natural language generation (NLG) technology, such as Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill. 

  • Checking the ranking of your blog post using tools such as SEMrush. 

Social media content 

Social media is the number one platform internet users go to when they are on their phones. This is because you can get both educational as well as entertaining content on social media. AI can be used to create social media content by: 

  • Generating captions for video content to increase readability 

  • Scheduling posts for social media platforms during hours with the best engagement through tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and HubSpot. 

  • Analysing engagement metrics through tools such as Brandwatch, NetBase Quid, and Sprinklr. 

  • Identifying social media users’ patterns and behaviour, which assists in creating more effective and relatable content in the future. 

Take a look at our Vantage Partners social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram for inspiration for your next post. 

Email content 

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool that can drive engagement and achieve a variety of marketing goals, including increasing sales, improving customer retention, and building brand awareness. AI can be used to improve email marketing by: 

  • Personalising your email content through pattern and behaviour analysis through tools such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact. 

  • Creating and optimising email headlines and subject lines for better engagement through tools such as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer and Send Check It. 

Digital Advertisement Copy 

Digital advertising serves as one of the key components when it comes to marketing and communication strategies. AI can be used to maximise the effectiveness of your digital advertisement copies through: 

  • Writing engaging and informative copy through tools such as AdZis, Copy.ai, and AI Writer. 

  • Personalising your ad copy based on customer behaviour and preferences using tools which have natural language generation (NLG) technology, such as Wordstream, Copy Shark and Copysmith.  

Example of Using AI for Financial Affiliate Marketers 

AI-powered tools can help financial affiliate marketers improve their targeting and conversion rates by analysing large amounts of data on customer behaviour and preferences. Here are some ways affiliate marketers can utilise AI to stay ahead of the curve. 

  1. Smart linking 

LinkFire is an AI-powered smart link for affiliate marketing campaigns. It redirects users to specific destinations based on their country or device. After entering a default URL, users can specify to which URLs (country and device) they want to direct their traffic. Smart URLs are the most popular type and are ideal for most campaigns. 

  1. Ad targeting 

Tools like AdRoll and Criteo can help target ads to specific audiences based on their behaviour and preferences. These tools can analyse data on customer behaviour to suggest targeting strategies that will help you reach your ideal audience and drive more conversions. 

Vantage Affiliate Program 

The utilisation of AI is a friendly addition to content marketing that will help you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  

Interested in earning passive income? Join the Vantage Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions for every successful referral! As a Vantage Affiliate, you’ll have access to top-notch marketing materials, personalised support, and exclusive promotions.  

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