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7 Steps to Optimise Your Facebook Page


7 Steps to Optimise Your Facebook Page
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7 Steps to Optimise Your Facebook Page

Vantage Updated Updated Thu, 29 December 2022 06:59
7 Steps to Optimise Your Facebook Page
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Facebook optimisation is among the most essential yet undervalued online advertising options in today’s internet-driven world. To convert those efforts into actual clicks and conversions, you should look to optimise your Facebook page. By setting up your page, new followers will get to know what your company does and how it can help them without needing to search all over the internet.  

Before we get started on the ways you can optimise your page, here are reasons why you should optimise your Facebook page:  

  1. To scale up your business whether you’re a local brand or a global one, by tapping on the various tools Facebook has available to help you broaden your audience reach. 

  1. A Facebook page with images, recent posts, or a call-to-action can help to give your business greater credibility.  

  1. Acts as a secondary homepage – If you get a lot of leads from social media marketing, your Facebook page should be one of your top priorities because it will serve as a secondary homepage for your company.  

  1. Your Facebook business page should be set up in such a way that you provide all of the information a typical customer would need before purchasing from you.  

Optimising your Facebook page: 7 steps to take 

Here are a few things you can start doing to optimise your Facebook page today

1. Work on your page details  

This is one of the most important tasks you’ll want to do to make your business credible and trustworthy. Even if you already have a website, Facebook business pages serve as additional websites where visitors can learn more about you. Hence, you should try to provide as much information as possible.  

Here’s  a mini checklist for you, so you don’t miss out on anything: 

  • Add a profile picture  

A profile picture is more important than a cover image because it will accompany every page update, even when shared to someone else’s timeline, or when you leave a comment. 

  • Add a cover photo  

It makes your page more eye-catching, and also provides you with an opportunity to showcase something related to your business, be it the product, your team or even just a creative visual to pique interest .  

  • Enable a custom URL or ‘username’  

This helps people find and remember your page. When you create a username, it appears in a customised web address for your page, which makes it easier and more convenient for people to remember your page and type in the URL.  

  • Page description  

Make the most out of the description, and always complete this field. Ensure that you try to use all the allowed 255 characters for original content. Original content improves your page’s ranking and helps to explain briefly what your page is about. You can run your brand name through a semantic analysis tool, such as one found on Semrush, to find the most relevant context for your description.  

  • Add your website 

By linking your website, Facebook users are able to get to your site easily. You can also link your page on your website, this will help get your page to rank higher for your business name, helping in increasing your reputation.  

Besides the major components listed above, here is more information you can and should consider adding:  

  • Your business contact details (phone number and email) 
  • Business category  
  • A brief list of your products  
  • Additional description – This field allows you to enter up to 50,000 characters, which is very advantageous because the more original text you have here, the more chances you have of ranking your page for business-related search queries. You can use this field to include a brief business FAQ, describe your processes and services, or tell your story, among other things. 

2. Selecting the best template  

Facebook offers pre-made page templates to help you optimise your page for the types of business you are running, including: 

  • Services 
  • Shopping  
  • Business 
  • Venues 
  • Non-profits 
  • Politicians 
  • Restaurants and cafes, and more 

3. Select the page CTA  

You can find your page’s call-to-action below your cover photo. You can choose a CTA from quite a number currently supported, so look for one that’s most relevant to your business:  

  • Book services  
  • Get in touch 
  • Make a purchase or donation 
  • Watch the video, etc.  

To customise your CTA button, click it and select the “Edit” button. There are plenty of CTA options to choose from. You should include the most appropriate button text and landing page for each CTA in which the user would perform the recommended action. 

4. Add page tabs to promote products and services  

Page tabs can help users scroll through your products and services more conveniently. These tabs will appear on the page’s left side. They allow you to add information about your company, such as current specials, services, upcoming events, products you sell, create a drop-down menu, and more. 

5. Enable reviews  

Before making a purchase, many potential customers look at online ratings and reviews. Facebook allows users to leave reviews, and can be ideal for you to publicise your customers’ reviews.  

To allow visitors to review your page, navigate to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Review.’ Your goal should be to encourage Facebook users to leave reviews, allowing you to attract new customers and increase your credibility. 

6. Engage with users  

As Facebook continues to emphasise on the importance of user interaction, you’ll want to interact with your audience regularly, which includes managing comments or responding to direct messages, creating live videos, special events, or other ways to engage with your potential customers.  

Here are a few audience-building hacks you can try:  

  • Ask questions to engage your followers in discussions  
  • Post curated content  
  • Upload short, well-annotated videos 
  • Stream live videos from events 
  • Tag other business pages (industry tools and non-profits) 
  • Upload images (collages, quotes, team photos, etc.)  

7. Keep your page updated  

Keeping your newsfeed up to date should be one of your top priorities, and you can do so by simply sharing news on your page or other posts like curated content, articles, and recent blogs you’ve written. 


Facebook optimization takes only about an hour of your time to fill your page with relevant and helpful information. After that, in order to maintain your page, ensure that you actively keep it up to date and interact with it.  

If you’re looking for more marketing-related guides like this to grow your affiliate revenue, follow the Vantage Partners’ social media channels or browse our blog for more educational materials. 

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