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6 Topics To Cover In Your Forex Telegram Channel & Group 


6 Topics To Cover In Your Forex Telegram Channel & Group 
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6 Topics To Cover In Your Forex Telegram Channel & Group 

Vantage Updated Updated Wed, 25 January 2023 08:35
6 Topics To Cover In Your Forex Telegram Channel & Group 
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As a money manager or IB affiliate, having a medium to build a strong community upon is important, and a forex telegram channel and/or group fits the bill. The communications app Telegram has over 400 million active monthly users, with over 70 billion messages being exchanged daily, making it highly popular an appropriate for a forex channel or group to succeed.  

The goal of having such a channel or group is to build a strong community of like-minded traders to come together to learn, share, and even critique ideas, which ultimately elevates everyone to become better traders.  

As an affiliate, being able to build and sustain reliable connections helps with overall success. Using the telegram group or channel, the speed in which information is decimated is almost instant. This means important information can reach multiple readers at a click of a finger.  

If you are looking to create a forex telegram channel or group, here are 6 topics you can look to cover! 

#1 Breaking News  

In the field of forex, breaking news can impact the markets heavily. This also means that there could be trade opportunities that open. Alerting the channel or group regarding such news events can provide readers with information advantage, allowing them to react accordingly. Such news can range from natural disasters to political wars, or even central bank policy changes, which is the catalyst for short-term price volatility.  

For example, the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine war led to increased market fear, uncertainty, and doubt, opening potential trade opportunities for safe havens such as gold.  

#2 Pre-planned Analysis  

Pre-planned trade analysis can allow readers to understand the thought process behind every trade before time. This enhances and helps with the reader’s learning process as they can watch the markets unfold in real time. Examples of pre-planned analysis could be daily or weekly market outlook.  

For example, looking at the economic calendar for the week, there could be heavy-impact data release by central banks. Researching on different possibilities and scenarios, and the potential impact it could have on the markets, allows for flexibility in trading and better prepares traders for the different outcomes.  

#3 Price Movements  

Price movement alerts of popular forex pairs can help readers enter the markets at the best possible price. However, constant vigilance of the financial markets can be difficult for many, and price alerts help readers be alert when it is needed. If this topic is covered, it will be beneficial not only to beginner traders but also seasoned investors as well.  

More specifically, alerts can come when price reaches a higher timeframe support and resistance, a strong supply and demand zone, or a significant key level. 

#4 Technical Indicator Signals  

Using a variety of well-combined indicators can allow readers to have different perspectives of the same market. Using technical indicators can offer detailed information that price alerts do not cover. Technical indicators signals can provide confirmations of a certain trend. 

Examples of technical indicators you can use include: 

  • Trend Indicators: Moving Average (MA) 
  • Oscillator Indicators: Relative Strength Index (RSI) 
  • Volume Indicators: Volume Profile 
  • Custom Indicators: Analyst Views, Adaptive Candlesticks, Adaptive Divergence Convergence  

#5 Trading Reminders Or Tips  

Trading reminders and tips such as psychological reminders can enhance a reader’s experience within the telegram channel or group. When trading alone, it is easy to fall into psychological pitfalls that lead to over-leveraging and over-trading. With constant psychological reminders, readers can develop more confidence in trading and build more trust for the channel or group.  

Examples of such psychological reminders can include: 

  • Following a trading plan 
  • No greed and fear 
  • No overleveraging and overtrading 
  • Be flexible in the markets 
  • Risk management is key 

#6 Market Direction Polls  

Another excellent use of a telegram channel or group is the usage of polls. The poll function not only allows for reader engagement, but also a deeper understanding for each other’s perspective. Polls can greatly enhance the channel or group as readers get to feedback on an array of topics, allowing the medium to grow in the process.  


Whether you are looking to provide education or send information quickly, telegram groups and channels provide an exceptional medium to do so. Being an affiliate also means building better relationships with the readers and clients, and this can be done when quality information is provided. 

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