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6 Ways to Promote your Forex Referral and Affiliate Links 


6 Ways to Promote your Forex Referral and Affiliate Links 
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6 Ways to Promote your Forex Referral and Affiliate Links 

Vantage Updated Updated Wed, 7 December 2022 08:14
6 Ways to Promote your Forex Referral and Affiliate Links 
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Just signed up to be a forex affiliate for a brand or a company? Congratulations! But if you’re wondering now, what? Fret not. In this article, we’ll guide you through the basic yet important aspects of affiliate links and then onto the most crucial part: ways to promote them. 

What is a Forex Affiliate Link? 

Let us dissect what a forex affiliate link is so that you get a better understanding of how it works.   

An affiliate link is a unique link to the provider’s website given when you sign up to be part of their affiliate program. Once the link is shared on your platform, social media, or other ways in which you reach out to your audience, visitors can click on the link to be directed to the advertiser’s site. The affiliate is typically paid a commission if the click results leads to a sale.  

In the case of forex CPA affiliate programs, you can earn a commission when the person carries out specific actions, such as opening a live account, funding their account, or making a trade with the partnered broker. 

Forex affiliate links have the advantage of tracking sales accurately, so that each new client can be correctly attributed back to the affiliate. With forex affiliate links, a forex affiliate is thus provided with the opportunity to earn commission by promoting and encouraging the signups to open an account with the partnered broker. 

If you’re looking to join a forex affiliate program, you can join Vantage’s CPA Affiliate Program, which is designed to derive earnings from every qualified client you refer.  

How do Forex Referral and Affiliate Links work? 

  1. Once your forex affiliate link is shared on your social media platforms or websites, potential clients can click on the link. This link can be displayed as a full URL, hyperlinked from specific texts, or even used behind each button. 

  1. Once clicked, clients will be redirected to the broker’s website. 

  1. Through a cookie, clients will be tracked as your referral. 

  1. If the client opens an account through the link, makes a trade, or deposits funds, the affiliate broker attributes these actions to you and issues a commission. 

  1. Commissions will then appear on your portal.  

  1. Your affiliate broker pays you for the successful referral. For example, as a Vantage forex affiliate, your payout will be given by Vantage. 

How to Promote Forex Affiliate Links  

Social Media  

Social media has made it easier than ever for you as a forex affiliate to spread the word and share about the broker you are partnered up. Here are some of the key social media platforms that you can consider, with a large audience found on each platform that ranges across many age bands.  

  • Instagram – You can add your forex affiliate links to your bio and have an optimized landing page that links to them. This landing page can provide detailed information about the broker’s services you are promoting, enticing potential clients to take the desired action, such as opening an account with the broker. 

  • Facebook – Leverage on Facebook’s features such as creating dedicated business pages, sharing engaging content, and utilising targeted advertising to promote your forex affiliate links. By utilising the platform effectively, you can engage with potential clients, build trust, and drive traffic to your optimised landing page, where they can learn more about the broker’s services and take the desired action required. 

  • YouTube – Create informative and engaging videos related to forex trading and the broker’s services, you can establish yourself as a credible source of information. Include your forex affiliate links in the video descriptions, annotations, or even within the videos themselves (where allowed). YouTube’s vast user base and search capabilities can help you reach a wide range of potential clients and drive conversions for your forex affiliate marketing efforts. 

You can also promote your forex affiliate link on other social media channels such as Telegram, Twitter, TikTok and more. Learn more social media marketing tips to help you promote your forex affiliate links here


Another method you could use to promote your forex affiliate links is through blogging. You can create your own blog or collaborate with established forex or finance blogs to write informative articles about trading and forex-related topics.  

Write engaging and informative articles that cover various aspects of forex trading, market trends, or educational content on forex. Within the content, incorporate your forex affiliate links naturally, recommending the broker’s services that align with the topic.  

By providing valuable content and subtly encouraging readers to take action through your affiliate links, you can generate traffic and potential referrals. Promote your blog posts on social media platforms and engage with your audience to further build a loyal following.  

Affiliate program page  

Forex affiliates can create a dedicated affiliate program page to share more information about the broker they have partnered with. This page provides detailed information about the forex broker and highlights the services offered, ultimately helping potential clients make decisions more efficiently when all the necessary information is readily available.  

It includes comprehensive details about the broker’s background and services thereby establishing credibility. The page can also outline the advantages of joining through the affiliate’s referral link, such as exclusive promotions or bonuses.  

By presenting all this information in one place, the affiliate program page simplifies the decision-making process for potential clients. 

Link the program on your website  

Utilise applications like WordPress to help you host and build websites easily. Maximise your website’s potential by incorporating your forex affiliate program links strategically. Place banners or call-to-action buttons in prominent locations, such as the header, sidebar, or footer, to grab visitors’ attention. Ensure that the links are visually appealing and clearly convey the advantages of clicking through.  

Additionally, consider writing informative forex articles or reviews about the broker’s services and naturally include your forex affiliate links within the content. Discover how you can utilise WordPress to enhance your website for forex affiliate marketing here

Email marketing and newsletters  

Utilise the power of email marketing and newsletters to promote your forex affiliate links. Build an email list of interested subscribers who are keen on forex trading. Regularly send informative and valuable content related to forex trading, along with occasional promotions or updates about the broker’s services. Include your affiliate links strategically within the emails, offering readers the opportunity to explore further and take action. 

Run pay-per-click ads  

You can also choose to run retargeted ads, allowing customers who discovered your website through Google to revisit it. Additionally, consider running pay-per-click (PPC) ads to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate links. Platforms like Google Ads or social media advertising networks offer options to create focused campaigns based on keywords, demographics, and interests.  

Create engaging ad copy that showcases the broker’s services and motivates users to click through. Regularly monitor and optimise your PPC campaigns to attract potential clients to your affiliate links. 

How to Create a Forex Affiliate Link for Vantage Affiliate Programs? 

Once you have signed up as an affiliate with Vantage Partners, you will receive a unique tracking link that will be automatically created for you. It can be straight away used to refer potential clients.  

In the event that you misplace or need to retrieve your affiliate tracking link, Vantage Partners has made it simple and convenient for you to locate it within the affiliate platform. You can easily find the link in the marketing tools section, which serves as a hub for a variety of promotional materials as well.  

The platform also offers an affiliate tracking platform to help you track all your referrals accurately. This tracking platform allows you to monitor the number of referrals you have generated, the conversions made, and the commissions earned. By gaining insights into your referral activity, you can optimise your strategies, identify successful channels, and make data-driven decisions to maximise your affiliate earnings. 

Tips for Affiliate Links 

Here are three tips to help you with your affiliate links: 

1. Shorten your affiliate links 

Make use of various online URL shortening services such as Bitly and TinyURL. Shortening affiliate links is a simple and effective way to make them more concise and user-friendly. Additionally, some URL shortening services allow you to customise the shortened link, giving you the freedom to make it more relevant. 

2. Incorporate affiliate links naturally into your content 

Avoid making your affiliate links appear forced or intrusive. Instead, seamlessly integrate them into your blog or website content. For example, if you’re writing a blog post or creating a video tutorial, mention the product or service in a relevant and natural manner. By doing so, your audience will be more inclined to consider your recommendations and click on your affiliate links. 

3. Enhance the visibility of your affiliate links 

Ensure that your affiliate links are easily noticeable and accessible to your audience. Utilize unique button designs or calls-to-action that stand out within your content. However, make sure they blend harmoniously with your overall website or blog design and do not appear out of place. 

Key Takeaways for Promoting Affiliate Links 

To successfully promote affiliate links in the forex industry, it is crucial for affiliates to employ a range of strategies to maximise visibility and effectiveness. Understanding how forex affiliate links work and how to promote them is key.  

Optimisation techniques such as shortening links, seamlessly integrating them into content, and ensuring their visibility are essential to further help affiliates find success. By implementing these strategies effectively, forex affiliates can potentially increase their chances of achieving a successful affiliate marketing outcomes in the forex industry. 

Join Vantage Partners Program 

Vantage Markets is an award-winning multi-asset broker with over 900,000 clients – and counting – clocking over USD$2 billion in monthly trading volume.  

We are committed to elevating the industry through rewarding partnership programs with a combined payout of more than USD$3 million each month. Join over 20,000 active affiliates and partners worldwide in one of the fastest-growing affiliate programs in the sector.   

All our affiliate partners will enjoy several potential advantages which includes highly competitive commissions and payout structure, transparent payment and performance reporting, high-conversion marketing materials, and easy-start programs with close ongoing support.   

Have a strong online presence? Leverage our CPA Affiliate program to monetise your audience. Sign up for the CPA Affiliate Partner Program. 

Or maybe you have access to a strong trader audience. In that case, the Introducing Broker program will allow you to earn attractive volume-based rebates. 

Sign up for the CPA Affiliate or IB Programs whichever suites your needs and maximise your returns as a Vantage affiliate partner today. 

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