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Ultimate Guide to Stock Affiliate Programs 2024  


Ultimate Guide to Stock Affiliate Programs 2024  
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Ultimate Guide to Stock Affiliate Programs 2024  

Vantage Updated Updated Tue, 22 November 2022 05:40
Ultimate Guide to Stock Affiliate Programs 2024  
stock broker affiliate programs

A stock affiliate program is a highly popular form of affiliate marketing used by stock brokerages around the world to promote their online trading platform and services. 

Stock affiliate programs can offer potentially a good extra source of income and are suited to a wide variety of professions. Stock market affiliate programs may be offered on a long-term, perennial basis, or as a targeted, short-term activity in support of specific marketing campaigns or promotional drives.  

A key party in making a stockbroker affiliate program work is the affiliate partner. This is an individual or third party that works independently to refer clients to the brokerage. For each successful referral, the affiliate partner is entitled to a commission or payout. 

In this article, we will be looking at how stock affiliate programs work, how to choose one, and reasons why you might want to sign up as an affiliate partner. 

How do Stock Affiliate Programs work? 

Stock affiliate broker programs are straightforward and simple. As an affiliate partner, you will earn a commission, rebate or payout for each client you refer to a stock brokerage. In certain cases, your client will need to accomplish a certain action, or achieve a certain trading volume, before you can receive your affiliate payout.  

The goal for the brokerage is to increase the number of clients, or to encourage customers to participate in a campaign or marketing activity. To do so, a brokerage hires affiliate partners to help promote the message or campaign to traders and investors.  

The end result is that traders and investors learn about new opportunities, brokerages expand their client base and revenue, and affiliate partners earn an income.   

Different types of stock trading affiliate programs 

Stock affiliate programs may come in different forms. Some of these include: 

  • Partner affiliate programs, where a commission is offered for every client you refer to the stock brokerage. As these programs are geared towards long term income, individual payouts may not be as high. The key is to build a steady and consistent stream of referrals. 

  • Cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate programs are online affiliate programs geared towards driving a specific action or objective, such as increasing sign-ups, ensuring a funded account, or making a particular number or trades within a given period. CPA affiliate programs are often shorter-lived but higher paying and can potentially boost your affiliate earnings over the short term. 

  • Introducing broker programs, which offer volume-based rebates for each client you refer. The rebates offered are calculated based on the level of trades your referral makes, which makes this a program aimed at those with a strong trader audience.  

  • Hybrid affiliate programs. Some stock market affiliate programs may also combine some or all of the above, depending on the brokerage’s needs and objectives. You can explore hybrid affiliate programs to see if they offer a good fit for you.  

  • Trading affiliate program focus specifically on promoting various trading platforms, tools, or services. Under this type of program, affiliates may earn commissions not only for referring new clients but also when those clients make use of trading tools, subscribe to premium trading features, or engage with educational content. 

Why join a Stock Affiliate Program? 

A stock affiliate program can offer a relatively easy way to create an extra source of income. You are also free to decide how much time and effort you want to put into being an affiliate partner and whether to make it your primary career, or to supplement your income as a side gig.  

Online stock trading affiliate programs can also be a natural fit for professions that revolve around stock investing and trading. Some examples include trainers and educators, online content creators, financial consultants, website owners, fund managers, and signal providers. These professionals have expertise in the financial markets and can integrate trading services into their offerings. 

Those who already have a ready audience (or the ability to generate one) can potentially convert their viewership into commissions by referring their audience members to brokerages that offer a suitable stock affiliate program.  

Perhaps the most compelling reason to join a stock affiliate program is that such an affiliate program can pay an affiliate relatively well. Leading brokerages offer attractive referral payouts with high (or even unlimited) caps. This means that how much you can earn will solely depend on how many clients you are able to bring in – with no wasted effort or throttled potential earnings.   

How to choose a Stock Affiliate Program? 

What is the reputation of the stock brokerage online trading platform? 

Partnering a well-known, reputable and regulated stock brokerage is important for few reasons.  

Firstly, your referrals are more likely to sign up with a brokerage that has good brand recognition, which translates to potentially higher affiliate earnings for you.  

Secondly, a brokerage with a good reputation is much more likely to offer a satisfying experience for your referrals. This will cause your referrals to increase their trust in you, leading to more business and leads down the line. 

Additionally, the brokerage online trading platform should have a proven track record of security and stability. With the increasing number of cyber threats, it’s imperative that your referrals’ personal and financial information are kept secure. 

Are you required to make an investment?  

You may come across some brokerages that require their affiliates to make an investment themselves. There’s nothing wrong with this, after all, how are you expected to promote a product that you yourself do not believe in? 

However, as investing carries a degree of risk, you should carefully evaluate the investment you are being asked to make.  

Don’t simply invest for the sake of being an affiliate. Only invest if it aligns with your own goals and objectives. Importantly, do not overstretch yourself by making a large investment than you can afford. 

What support tools and services are there? 

Being an affiliate partner is for the most part an independent arrangement, which is why having support is crucial to your success. 

A brokerage with a good suite of support tools and services can help you in myriad ways, from personalised advice aimed at jump-starting your affiliate journey, to digital dashboards to help you keep track of your referrals, and online and web assets to improve your conversion rates.  

Marketing materials such as banners on websites can help affiliate convert potential followers to click onto the banner and the affiliate link. Your content should be presented in a language that your target audience understands, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of marketing.  

All these are useful resources that can elevate your success as an affiliate marketer.  

How much is the payout? 

Lastly, you should also consider the level of payouts being offered.  

This isn’t just about going for the highest or biggest payouts. Rather, you should focus on whether the payout offered is aligned with the effort required.  

For instance, a high affiliate payout that requires your referrals to take multiple actions may be difficult to earn. In contrast, an affiliate campaign that is of lower-paying but practically more achievable may result in higher earnings for you in the end.  

Join Vantage Partner Programs today 

Vantage Markets is an award-winning multi-asset brokerage with over 900,000 clients – and counting – clocking over USD$2 billion in monthly trading volume. 

We are committed to elevating the industry through rewarding partnership programs with a combined payout of more than USD$3 million each month. Join over 20,000 active affiliates and partners worldwide in one of the fastest-growing affiliate programs in the sector.  

All our affiliate partners will enjoy several benefits, including highly competitive commissions and payout structure, transparent payment and performance reporting, high-conversion marketing materials, and easy-start programs with close ongoing support.  

Choose from our three Vantage Partner Programs. Have a strong online presence? Leverage our CPA Affiliate program to monetise your audience.  

Or maybe you have access to a strong trader audience. In that case, the Introducing Broker program will allow you to earn attractive volume-based rebates.  

Sign up as a Vantage affiliate partner today. 

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