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Guide to Using WordPress for Trading Affiliate Marketing 


Guide to Using WordPress for Trading Affiliate Marketing 
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Guide to Using WordPress for Trading Affiliate Marketing 

Vantage Updated Updated Mon, 10 April 2023 08:58
Guide to Using WordPress for Trading Affiliate Marketing 
What is WordPress

Affiliate marketing has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with more and more people looking to earn extra passive income online. If you’re one of these people and you’re interested in creating a successful trading affiliate marketing business, WordPress is the platform for you.  

In this article, we’ll explain why WordPress can be the best choice for your affiliate marketing needs and provide concrete examples of how to use this powerful platform to boost your business’s performance.  

What is WordPress? 

Let’s start with the basics: What is WordPress?  

WordPress began as a tool for blogging but has since developed into a strong website builder and a reliable content management system (CMS). It is a software that helps you create and manage websites without needing advanced technical skills. On a technical level, WordPress is an open-source content management system that is GPLv2 licenced, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software without charge [1]

It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customisation options, including different designs and features, so you can build a website that meets your needs.  

Did you know that WordPress powers 43% of websites on the Internet [2]? It’s used by millions of people around the world, but as with all free things, they come along with limitations. While there are some plugins that are free of charge, there are also many plugins you could have to pay for.  

Essentially, WordPress makes website building easy and accessible for anyone, much like how Canva makes it simple for anyone to be a designer. 

Here’s a simple overview of how WordPress works:  

WordPress is powered by a database system that lets you add, edit, and organise all kinds of content, including themes, plugins, and files. Accessing the dashboard allows you to create and manage web pages, blog posts, and other types of content.  

A range of customisable designs, also known as themes, are available on WordPress which can be used to change the appearance of your website. You can also add additional features and functionalities to your website by installing plugins.  

Creating new web pages or blog posts is also pretty simple. You can add text, images, videos, and other types of media to your posts and pages. Here’s what it looks like: 

Now that you’ve got the gist of what WordPress is and what it can roughly do, let’s look at why you should use WordPress. 

Why use WordPress? 

With other website-creating platforms around, such as Wix and Squarespace, why should WordPress be your platform of choice?  

Free and Open Source 

WordPress is a free, open-source software, which is one of its main advantages. Pricing starts at around USD$3.95 per month, depending on which plans you choose to go for. A premium plan will cost USD$8 a month, and a business plan costs USD$25 monthly.  

Additionally, you can find a lot of affordable and free themes and plugins to help you save money. 

Flexibility and Customisation 

WordPress provides many options for customisation, such as plugins and themes, which make it simple to build a unique website that satisfies your requirements. 

Wide Selection of Plugins and Themes 

WordPress has a large developer community that has produced thousands of plugins and themes that can give your website new features and functionalities. There are currently thousands of premium options available in addition to more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins and 5,000 free themes. You, therefore, have a wide range of options to choose from! If you’re looking for the best WordPress themes for your affiliate marketing, read this article here.

  • Themes change how your website looks. 

  • Plugins change how your website functions. A contact form is an example of a small plugin while creating an eCommerce store is an example of a large plugin. 

Simple to Use and Manage  

WordPress is simple to use and does not call for coding expertise. It has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes managing your website simple. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly 

WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly platforms out there because it includes features like XML sitemaps, meta tags, and customisable permalinks that make it simple to optimise your website for search engines. 

SEO is an important part of your WordPress journey because it increases the visibility of your website, which results in more traffic and opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers. 

Tying in all the points that we’ve discussed so far in this article, let’s look at the ways you can use WordPress as part of your trading affiliate marketing.          

How to use WordPress for affiliate marketing? 

#1 Create blog posts  

As mentioned above, you can create and publish content that promotes trading affiliate products using WordPress’ built-in blogging platform. You can drive traffic to your website and raise conversion rates by writing informative and engaging blog posts. 

Here’s a snapshot of what the dashboard looks like: 

For example, you can create a blog on How to Make Money with CPA Marketing or 5 Things to Look for in the Best Forex Affiliate Program.  

#2 Landing pages  

Designed to promote specifically a single product or service. WordPress has many plugins and themes that let you build landing pages that convince visitors to take action and make a purchase.  

#3 Build an email list 

To reach a specific audience, email marketing can be a powerful tool for promoting your trading affiliate products. You can create an email list with WordPress plugins and send subscribers targeted emails.  

#4 Integrate social media 

You can easily integrate your social media profiles into your website using one of the many plugins and themes available for WordPress. Utilising social media to advertise your trading affiliate products will help you reach a larger audience and boost conversion rates.  

Remember, the key to success in trading affiliate marketing is to provide value to your audience. By creating informative and engaging content that promotes your products in a non-intrusive way, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and build trust with your followers. With WordPress, you have all the tools you need to create a successful trading affiliate marketing business. 

We hope that this article has helped you have a better understanding of WordPress.  

By using the right platform and tools, such as WordPress, you can better boost your affiliate marketing success.  

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